Oil and Gas Industry

Your global partner for all your engineering requirements

We as a company provide a wide-ranging of engineering services through the bursting life-cycle of a wind farm project, preparatory from conceptual studies, front-end engineering, through to complete project management, procurement, construction and installation.

We have team of experts with good skills and best practice developed over years of working in the oil & gas industry are directly transferable to the offshore wind farm sector. Our Company’s substantial experience in marine energy projects brings significant benefits by way of safe offshore operations and optimised cost and schedules.

The fastest growing segment in the ecosphere is renewable energy. It is a striking investment opportunity, which is predictable to necessitate substantial capital investment over the medium term. Technological advances and the increased scale of the industry have increased the cost competitiveness of renewable energy which also provides favourable inflation linkage and a hedge against fossil fuel costs.

In response to these market drivers our renewable energy investment theme is to focus on the most efficient technologies and best resource sites, requiring the least regulatory support and resulting in the lowest cost for the consumer. We invest in industrial scale to lower intrinsic costs and create strategic value.

The list of services that we provide in the Oil and Gas sector

  • Feed and Basic Engineering
  • Detailed Engineering
  • Accident Simulation
  • Structural Analysis
  • Associated Services
  • Accompanying Certification
  • Geo Technical Investigation
  • Transportation Analysis
  • Pile Design
  • Pre-bid Support to EPCI Contractors
  • Technology Enabled
  • Financial Viability
  • Sustainable, Profitable Growth.