Pharma Industry

Passionate about Quality and Compliance

Over the last two decades and half, the global pharmaceutical industry has made revolutionary contributions to clinical care.

The industry now faces the challenges of unpredictable product pipelines, increasingly competitive markets, and uncertain policy and regulatory environments. Despite the ongoing medical need related to many diverse diseases, pharmaceutical companies are now much like software companies- can no longer depend on their old methods and pricing powers to achieve profitable growth.

The critical question for many companies is how to evolve their business model to thrive in a world of shifting profit pools by focusing on outcomes rather than by simply generating more inputs—more products, more procedures and ultimately more cost to the payers. Hence, we believe that by taking advantage of a range of innovative R&D financing and partnership models, pharmaceutical companies can place more bets with less money, less work, and less risk. The world is moving more towards technology, evidently more and more deals are taking place with not so traditional players. These high-tech companies are helping drug-makers move past the pill and develop more comprehensive products that can assist with diagnostics, monitoring or compliance- just to name a few potential applications.

We here at London Investment Consultancy provide you with this unique opportunity to invest in our medicinal/ pharma sector. Our aim and our vision is to be able to use new innovative technology in the best possible way to scale-down manufacturing facilities, and provide more flexibility and enable companies to quickly change their portfolios in response to the market needs.

We aim to provide the best possible financial support for new technologies in the sector, and we have the expertise to help in technology transfer and implementation, furthermore we have an expert and dedicated team to provide pharmaceutical consultations and help from start to finish.

The GMP Compliance team is made up of highly skilled and passionate professionals with a broad and varied range of experience. Our key to each successful project is the teamwork that prevails throughout the company. Each team member is always willing to help and people are actively encouraged to share their ideas and experiences. We strongly believe in continuous development and keeping our team members up to date, competent and well trained thereby ensuring that our clients receive top quality services.


  • We have our own manufacturing facility capability to produce formulations and pack in compliance to highest standard GMP regulations.
  • We build up Pharmaceutical and Food Supplements Industry System’s from concept to development.
  • Interim quality management support, management of CAPA, deviations and change controls. QP and RP services.
  • Regulatory service to provide national and global drug applications and management of variations.
  • API facility selection, auditing and audit management.
  • We plan, develop, Execute and create documents for validation services, Process Validation, Re-Validation, Method Validation and Computer Software Validations
  • We establish operations, quality and regulatory management systems to achieve product and facility license.
  • We can perform Technology Transfer, Full facility transfer and re-location services
  • R&D facility for formulation development and remediation projects